Beached with Savannah Kreisman
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lounging on the beach every day is usually an activity left for ladies of leisure—unless you're Savannah Kreisman. Boasting 215k loyal Instagram followers, brand ambassador and swimwear model Savannah is one of our favourite social media influencers! This week savannah let us in on her travels as well as secrets to maintaining her bikini bod.

There is no denying, you pull off every A+S bikini! But what is you favourite Amore + Sorvete style and why?

Wow - thank you for the compliment! I am totally obsessed with all A+S cuts and fabrics. My favourite set being the Windstar bikini. The bottoms are what I call perfect and make for the best tan line. When I've shot in A+S I was in the ocean a lot and I really loved the way that they held to my body in the water. The quality and love put into the making of this swimwear is truly why I am such a huge fan of all the pieces.

Okay time to spill the beans … how do you keep in shape all year round!? What are your top bikini body tips and tricks?

I try to only eat clean and rarely have any junk food. I am always listening to my body and do only what makes me feel the best. I have never done any extreme workouts, however I practice yoga daily, sometimes twice a day. I've found yoga to be not only a hobby, but also a great way to keep a healthy mind and body! 

Are there any health secrets you swear by?

I am very into all natural, raw, organic, health junkie things. I have recently been doing a thing called "oil pulling" where you swish cold pressed coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes without swallowing and it pulls a lot of toxins from your stomach and mouth. I have had mild acne my whole adult life and I have found oil pulling to be extremely helpful with minimising the breakouts.

You have travelled to the most beautiful locations, which destination has been you favourite?

I have been very lucky to get to travel as much as I have! So far the most amazing place I've been is St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I had never been in such warm and clear ocean water. I love to swim, so getting to swim all day into the night there was unforgettable. But while we are talking destinations - also - Big Sur, California is a must see, best sights I've ever seen!

Which destination is the top of your bucket list to tick off, and why?

I have never been to Hawaii!! It's very close here to California and I have dreamed of visiting all the islands. I really hope I have the opportunity to travel there someday. And of course Australia is right after Hawaii. A number of photographers and models here in US including me find inspiration from Australia and their style of shooting swimwear.  

If we looked into your beach bag what would we find? What are you beach essentials?

I always have a beach towel in there for sure, a tennis ball for my dog called ladybug and 10 pounds of sand and shells haha. I also ensure that I am always carrying sunscreen and lotion, which is really important. And lastly a comfy outfit to throw on after the beach :)